Simulation in 4 steps

Open Schematic

New or open a schematic

Edit Schematic

Select a new component

Moving a component

Edit parameters of a component

Drawing Wires

Editing Labels

Removing a component

Remove a wire

Remove a node

Include schematic

Undo and Redo

Viewing simulation results

Viewing voltage or block output

Properties of a Scope

Resizing and number of traces

Changing number of traces

Viewing currents

Simulation parameters and Commands

Simulation parameters

Properties of the animation

Time step

Screen Length

Multiple simulation parameters

Small signal parameters

Commands dialog box

Coupling of Inductors

Parameters for semiconductor models

Model parameters in include files.

Include remarks


Start the simulation

Start the animation

Start the multiple simulation

Small-signal analysis start

C-Script batch processing

Link to Simulink

Export C Code

View exported C Code

View exported C Code interface

Scope window


Zoom simulation results

Scale properties

Numeric evaluation

Exporting numerical results

XY view

Discrete Fourier Transform

Table Editor

Project manager and overview

Project manager

Refresh project manager content

Project files


Personal directories

Overview of the nodes

Overview of the block diagram components

Overview of the circuit components

Overview of the library block components

Simulation message window

Library models

Library block properties

Create a new library block

Export a library block

Editing a library block from the properties dialog box

Copy a library block.

View the contents of a library block.

Add a picture to a library block.

Import a library block

Import a library block via the Windows Explorer

Editing a library block

User libraries

Miscellaneous topics

Printing schematics

Exporting schematics to EMF

Exporting schematics to bitmap

Generate an HTML report

View the generated HTML report

Generate an HTML report for multiple files

Help per component



Options / Animation / Help / Font / Language

Zoom the schematic

Toggle the grid

Color of components.

Background color.

Background picture.

Black and white.

Precision for ASCII export.

Personal schematic directory.

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