PassengerCar -


Connection Diagram:


SHAFT Left Connect to drivetrain
KMH Right vehicle speed [km per hour]

Cw[DragCoefficient] 0.25 Drag coefficient Cw (around 0.3 to 0.4)
Cr(RollingCoefficient) 0.01 Rolling coefficient cr of the wheels [N/kg]
CarMass[Kg] 1500 Total mass of the car [Kg]
RoadGrade[%] 0 Grade of the road in [%]
AirDensity[Kg/m3] 1.225 Air density (average value)
FrontalArea[m^2] 2.2 Frontal area of the car in [m*m]
Vwind[m/s] 0 Headwind speed blowing towards the vevicle
WheelRadius[m] 0.3 Wheel radius (m)
slip[0..1] 0.1 Slip between the tire and road [0..1]
IntialSpeed[kmh] 0 Initial speed of the vehicle in kilometers per hour [kmh]


Status Standard

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