BatterySOC - Dynamic Battery Voltage model


Connection Diagram:


SOC Top State of Charge [%]
MINUS Right Negative battery terminal
DC Right Positive battery terminal

Capacity[Ah] 6.5 Capacity of the battery in Amperes times hour [Ah]
SoC(t0) 100 State of Charge at t=0 [0..100%]
Rinternal[ohm] 4.6m Internal resistance (Wiring and plates) in ohm
Vnom[v] 1.2 Voltage at Tnom [v]
Tnom[h] 4 Time when the battery reaches the nominal voltage Vnom in hours
Vexp[v] 1.25 Voltage at Texp [v]
Texp[h] 1 End time of the first exponential decay in hours
Voc[v] 1.4 Open circuit voltage[Volt]
Idischarge[A] 1.3 Constant discharge current associated with the discharge curve

Function Dynamic battery model where the state of charge and the non-linear voltage dependency on SOC is modeled
Special Texp, Vexp and Tnom, Vnom are read from the discharge curve fora constant discharge current specified at Idischarge SoC(t0) is the state of charge at the beginning of the simulation.

Status Standard

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