CCIM (Current controlled Induction machine)
Inputs(4) ia ib w Lm
Parameters(3) Rr Ls p
Default Rr=1, Ls=1e-3, p=1,
History block YES
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Function Output y equals the torque produced by this 2-phase induction machine model.
The inputs are the ia, ib currents in the 2-phase plane. The angular speed w can be calculated with a LOAD block. Lm is the main inductance. Rr is the rotor resistance. Ls is the non-coupled inductance of the stator. The total stator inductance equals Lm+Ls.Using the block INT_VAR, the field and currents inside the induction machine can be measured.

INT_VAR(1)=yRA Rotor field
INT_VAR(2)=yRB Rotor field
INT_VAR(3)=ySA Stator field
INT_VAR(4)=ySB Stator field
INT_VAR(5)=iRA Rotor current
INT_VAR(6)=iRB Rotor current
INT_VAR(7)=iMA Current through main inductance LM
INT_VAR(8)=iMB Current through main inductance LM

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