Caspoc for electrical drives simulations

Caspoc is also the simulation package for electrical drives, because you can combine the electrical machine, the mechanical load, the power converter and the control one schematic.

Special attention is given to the build-in machine models, which are optimized for simulation speed.
You either connect an electrical machine to a grid, or to an inverter.
The input for the electrical machine is always electrical. The output from the electrical machine is always the torque produced by the machine. You have to connect a model for a mechanical load to the output of the machine. The output from such a load model gives the angular speed.

If you want, for example, to make a model of an induction machine, connected to a grid, you select:
  1. A three-phase grid from the library
  2. An induction machine from the library
  3. A load from the library
The output from the load-block is the angualr speed and the torque applied to the load. You can connect a SCOPE to the output of the load to see the torque/speed curve.


  • Mass and demper
  • Mass, demper and spring
  • Axis inertia
  • Rotating axis
  • Sticktion


  • Non lineair loads
  • Inertia determining
  • Gearbox
  • Gearbox with margin
  • Leadscrew driven load
  • Leadscrew X- Y-axis driven load
  • Conveyorbelt
  • Conveyorbelt with variable load
  • Elevator
  • Moving car
  • Walking crane
  • Paper windup device with one roll
  • Paper windup device with two rolls


  • Shuntmachine without induction
  • Shuntmachine with induction
  • Seriemachine without induction
  • Seriemachine with induction
  • Seriemachine with induction and variable friction
  • DCM with permanent magnet
  • DCM teperature dependent


  • Transfer Ur, Us,Ut to Alpha and Beta vector
  • Transfer Alpha and Beta to D and Q vector
  • Transfer D and Q to Alpha and Beta vector
  • Transfer Alpha and Beta to Ur, Us and Ut
  • Transfer Ur, Us, Ut to Uu, Uv and Uw


  • Six pulse
  • Pulse wide modulation
  • Pulse amplitude modulation
  • Pulse frequency modulation
  • Vector pause modulation
  • Notch


  • Analog to discreet encoder
  • Analog to amplitude modulation encoder
  • Analog to pulse freq. modulation encoder
  • Analog to three phase sinus encoder
  • Analog to trapezium encoder


  • Induction machine with formula of Kloss
  • Induction machine based on the T-model
  • Induction machine T-model with powers
  • Startup induction machine T-model
  • No load test with T-model
  • Induction machine slip=1
  • Direct current test induction machine
  • Startup induction machine 3-phase model
  • 3-phase model with constant slip
  • 3-phase mutual induction saturation
  • Vector diagram induction machine
  • Comparison T-model and 3-phase model


  • Voltage source inverter
  • Adjustable speed drive
  • Induction machine in delta
  • Induction machine in star
  • Induction machine from star to delta
  • Softstarter with constant fire angle
  • Softstarter with decreasing fire angle
  • Sixstep
  • Vectordrive 1
  • Vectordrive 2
  • Vectordirve 3
  • Vectordrive 4
  • Vectordrive 5


  • Scr bridge with DCM
  • DCM, four quadrants and converter
  • Chopper controlled shunt DCM
  • Chopper controlled shunt DCM with brake
  • Controlled DCM with 3-phase Scr drive


  • Step machine bipolair fullstep
  • Step machine bipolair halfstep
  • Step machine unipolair fullstep
  • Step machine unipolair halfstep
  • Synchronous generator not demped
  • Two phase induction machine
  • One phase induction machine
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