Renewable Energy.

For all your simulation needs in renewable energy applications

Caspoc’s Renewable Energy Module includes models for power electronic simulation of solar power, wind power, and battery storage systems. It simplifies and speeds up the process of modeling and analysis a real-world alternative energy power system.

Solar Cell Models

Caspoc provides two types of solar cell models:

The physical model allows users to enter detailed parameters from solar cell’s datasheet. Caspoc provides the Solar module component that allows direct inclusion of model parameters from a manufacturer datasheet. This simplifies the process of modeling and analysis a real-world photovoltaic power system.

Maximum-Power-Point-Tracking (MPPT)Blocks

Several sample MPPT blocks are provided based on the following methods:

Wind Turbine Models

The wind turbine model , together with the electrical machine and drive models, can simulate wind power systems. In addition to the models, Caspoc also includes pre-built examples for the following three most commonly used wind power system structures. These examples provide an excellent starting point for custom wind power system design and analysis.

Battery Models

In any renewable energy power system, battery storage is an essential part of the system.

Caspoc’s battery models allows users to simulate battery charging and discharging process in an energy storage system. The battery model can be used to model various types of batteries.

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