Power electronics.

Simplify your power electronics simulations by using the special Rectifier, Inverter and SMPS models from Caspoc

Caspoc’s Switched Mode Power Supply simulation models includes specialized models IC models for current mode control and power factor correction [pfc].

Advanced modeling and control topics in power electronics, and power factor corrected supplies.

Averaged switch modeling of converters, ac modeling of the discontinuous conduction mode, the current programmed mode, current ripple due ot paracitic components, input filter design, harmonics in power systems, and low-harmonic rectifiers.

System simulation of inverters in electrical drives in Caspoc

There are complete ready to use drive systems that include power electronics and electrical machine for a quick simulation of electrical drives.

Detailed simulation of inverters in electrical drives in Caspoc

There are averaged and switched inverter models the include a complete inverter model, either Mosfet or IGBT based. Coupling to thermal heatsink models is available for simulating losses in power electronic inverters

Easy modeling of controlled three phase rectifier by using the special Rectifier models from Caspoc

Caspoc is extremely powerful in solving complex multi-phase rectifiers connected to transformers or lines.

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