Electric Drives

Electric drives including inverter , control and load

There are many motor control algorithms and the electrial drive components provide an easy and effective way of modeling and simulating motor drive systems.

The analysis and design of an electrical drive system can be a challenging task, becuase of complexity in machine modeling and controller design.

Using the electric machines and drives models, the analysis and design of a electric drive control system becomes considerably easier. Among the electric drive components are electric machine models, mechanical load models, and control blocks (such as Maximum-Torque-Per-Ampere (MTPA) Control and Field Weakening Control blocks). Using the components from the electrical drives and other Caspoc library elements, a power electronics based electric motor drive simulation can be set up quickly and conveniently.

There are various built in motor models including: Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM), Induction Motors, Brushless DC (BLDC), and Switched Reluctance.


DC machines

Series and parallel DC machines for classical and low cost drive systems.

In addition, provision is given so that one can create and use Using the extensise set of library models, Math&Systems blocks, you are able to create your own custom-built machine or load models in Caspoc, which gives you a lots of flexibility.

There are numerous examples on full elelctric and hybrid automotive drives, that illustrates Caspoc’s capability to simulate motor drive systems. The system can include a PMSM drive with current and speed control using PI controllers. Using the Math&Systems blocks, a Maximum-Torque-Per-Ampere control can be implemented to achieve the maximum torque possible. Additionally, field weakening can be applied to achieve higher power output operation at high rotor speed.

The example package on electrical drives contains examples for the most common motor types. Examples include Field Orientated Control (FOC) with Space Vector Modulation (SVM).

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