DC grids, the new solution to smart grids?

Emerging power system: DC Grids

DC grids are the promise for integrating renewable power and will solve the stability issues.

Renewable energy, especially local small-scale solar installations, solar farms and offshore wind power, will be a major element in the transition to a sustainable world. DC grids will play an imprtant role to meet energy demands while reducing carbon emissions.

Integrating offshore wind power into the onshore AC grids, the key technology will be HVDC For interconnecting AC grids across Europe with the aim of creating an offshore supergrid a High Voltage DC grid seems to be the solution.

Using Caspoc you can study DC power flow, DC relaying protection, steady state operation, dynamic stability, fault-ride through capability, and impacts of DC grids on the operation of AC grids and power market.

Using simulation models in Caspoc, you can carry out systematic comparison of DC grid topologies and stability control strategies and can investigate DC grids for offshore wind power transmission and onshore AC grid interconnection. Operation and control of DC grids can be evaluated using various component models in a Caspoc simulation.

Typical simulation studies for DC grids that can be performed are

Connection of offshore wind power to DC grids

Investigation of voltage source converters for DC grids

Relaying protection

Interactive AC/DC grids

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