Installing the client

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Install the client in a multiple user version.

The software is delivered on the dongle and be run directly from the usb key. If the software is installed on a client PC, it will get a license from the license manager program (server) CaspocLM.exe

Setup client

First copy the files from the folder x:\Caspoc20xx\ on the USB dongle to your pc. The software can run as a single user as long as the USB dongle is attached. As soon as the dongle is removed, the software will function as Viewer

Step 1

Insert the dongle in the PC. Please wait until the dongle is recognized, this may take a few seconds.
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Step 2

Copy all files from the dongle to your pc. You can choose any folder on your harddisk, for example
  • C:\Program Files\Caspoc\
  • d:\data\simulation\caspoc\
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Step 3

Do NOT copy the file license.xml. Remove the copied license.xml from your PC. It should remain on the USB dongle!.

File license.xml is on the USB dongle !

Step 4

Run the program from the PC. As long as the usb dongle is attached to the pc, the program will open using its license.
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Step 5

If no usb dongle is attached, the program will work as a Viewer.
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Step 6

Connect to the server License manager (CaspocLM.exe).
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Step 7

Select the browse button to select the shared folder.
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Step 8

Select the shared folder and click [OK]
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Step 9

Restart the client program Caspoc20xx.exe or welcome200xx.exe
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Please note:
It is advised to copy the software from the USB stick on your PC and to run the software from the PC. However, the license file license.xml should remain on the hardware-key and should not be copied to the PC. USB dongles are reported to have several thousand insert-removal cycles and several millions of read sequences.

How can I see the license?

Select from the Caspoc menu Help/License/View License <br>Click to close the image

Which files belong to Caspoc?

Next to Caspoc.exe you also need the caspoc.dll and blokken.str as well as the library and help folder. <br>Click to close the image

What are the other files?

There are also the welcome screen from which you directly can run samples in Caspoc, the License Manager in case you have a multiple user license and some extra folders with info.. <br>Click to close the image

Where is the license?

The license is on the usb dongle and mostly in the root. It can however also reside in the folder \Caspoc or in the folder \CaspocLM <br>Click to close the image

Copy everything to the harddisk?

By doing this you can run Caspoc from your harddsikm which is fastter than from usb dongle. Hoever, notice that the license.xml file should not be copied, as it is linked to the usb dongle. <br>Click to close the image

Can I remove the copied license.xml file?

Only if you have an usb dongle, you should delete the copied license.xml file from your hardisk.

Do NOT remove the license.xml file in case you have a softlock(no usb dongle)
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Can I make a Back-Up?

You can make a backup from your files on the usb dongle to another medium. However, please notice that the license only works if the license.xml file remains on the usb dongle.

Without the usb dongle you software is only functioning as Viewer.

If you accidentally deleted all files from your usb dongle you can restore your backup files on the usb dongle. Important is that the license.xml is only valid in combination with your usb dongle.

What happens if the dongle is not responding?

Please contact your local dealer and we will solve the problem. <br>Click to close the image

How rugged is the dongle?

Same as your electronic car-keys and other electronic usb-devices. Handle them with care.

Reading data from the dongle is nearly unlimited. However, copy all files to your hard-disk and run the software from your hard-disk.

Before removing the dongle from your PC, be sure to use the "Safely Remove Hardware" function in Windows.
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What happens if I loose the dongle?

Same as loosing your car-key! You have to walk back home. Please handle the dongle with care and store them in a safe location. <br>Click to close the image
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