Digital systems are said to be constructed by using logic gates. These gates are the AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, XOR and XNOR gates. The typical logic gates are available in TTL and CMOS. The CMOS IC's are listed below. and can be found in the IC/Logic section from the breadboard library.

C-MOS 4001 DIP (4 NOR gates)
C-MOS 4011 DIP (4 NAND gates)
C-MOS 4069 DIP (6 NOT gates)
C-MOS 4070 DIP (4 XOR gates)
C-MOS 4071 DIP (4 OR gates)
C-MOS 4077 DIP (4 XNOR gates)
C-MOS 4081 DIP (4 AND gates)


Before we can start with logic gates, we need Clock signal that drives the digital IC's The simulation below shows how a clock can b build around a NE555 timer circuit. Build this circuit on a seperate breadboard of PCB, as it it will become handy in many examples. For the remaining circuits we will the build-in signal generator, which provides an clock signal witha variable frequency and amplitude.

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The Signal Generator used in this examples can be found in the Lab-Supply that is in the Components/Library/Source/Circuit/Supply section of the library. You can also use the signal generators provided in the Components/Library/Source/Circuit/SignalGenerator section of the library. Use the wires from Components/circuit/wires section to make the connection form the Signal Generator to the breadboard.

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