Coupling Caspoc to Simulink


CASPOC Schematic


Questions and remarks

Open the Rectifier3Phase.csi file in Caspoc and select Tools/Export to Simulink
Open the Rectifier3Phase.mdl file in Simulink and select Simulation/Start to start the simulation.
The phase angle Alpha and back EMF BackEMF are send to Caspoc from Simulink using the MUX block in Simulink and the FROMSLNK blocks in Caspoc.
The output voltage Vout and output current Iout are send from Caspoc to Simulink using the TOSLNK blocks in Caspoc and the DEMUX blocks in Simulink.

Circuit information

File name = rectifier3phase.csi
Tscreen = 40.000m
Integration stepsize = 50.000u
Number of blocks = 22
Number of circuit nodes + voltage sources = 9

General information