Time step


Define the time step, total simulation time and initial conditions.

What to do: To define the time step for numerical integration, select the dialog box Simulation/Simulation Parameters.As a rule of thumb, set dt ten times smaller than the fastest transient you want to simulate.
Example: SMPS with a switch frequency of 20kHz and a time response of 1ms. Tperiod equals 1/20kHz = 50µs. No initial condition has to be used. 50µs < 1ms, so select as a rule of thumb dt=5µs:

3-phase rectifier operating at 50Hz and using an initial condition specified by an inductor. Tperiod equals 20ms. Select as a rule of thumb dt=2ms:
Result: Integration time step for the simulation.


The time step is not adjusted automatically.
The time step can be much larger than the transient time needed for switching semiconductors.
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