Tesla Electrical machines design tools.
History block YES
Text1 Module name of the Tesla module.
Select from Components/Blocks/Machines

Specify the complete path name of the module, for example:

P\ALL\DEFAULTA module name always starts with one of the module characters, like P, S, A, etc. This is followed by the ALL directive and finally the name of the module.

The paramters calculated in the Tesla module are stored in a model file in the results directory of that module belonging to the opened project. The generated parameters are automatically transfered to the MPAR blocks or library block connected to the Tesla block. The Tesla block is a more powerful version of the MNAME block.

The corresponding Tesla module is opened by selecting the [Edit in Tesla] button in the Tesla properties dialog box.

Special See the Tesla manual for more information on the coupling between the Tesla modules and Caspoc.
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