Small-signal analysis start


Start the small signal analysis.

What to do: First perform a normal simulation until the periodic steady state is reached and save the initial conditions using the same file name as the simulation file name.
Use the SMSG blocks as excitation blocks for injecting the excitation pulse in the circuit.
Second, Start the small signal analysis. When the small-signal analysis is finished, the transfer functions can be viewed in the scopes.
Wait until the simulations for the small-signal analysis are finished before opening the scopes.
When a scope is opened, the transfer functions will be displayed as Bode Diagram. The required transformations take some time, after the small-signal analysis is finished.
Result: Bode diagrams of the transfer functions from the small-signal analysis.


If a Scope has multiple inputs connected, the corresponding Bode diagrams have the same color as the color of the input.
See the tutorial on modeling and setting parameters for the small signal analysis.
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