Simulation in 4 steps


Start the CASPOC simulation program.

What to do: Start the programs
There are basically four steps to carry out when building a model and doing simulations; drawing the schematic, specifying parameters, defining which simulation results should be visible and finally running the simulation.
  1. Build the schematic. Because of the multilevel modeling approach he can mix circuit components and control blocks in one schematic.
  2. For each circuit component, you specify parameters such as, for example, inductance, voltage, capacitance or duty-cycle, frequency or other numerical values.
  3. Each nodal voltage, branch current or output from a block can be made visible, using a block called Scope. Add several blocks Scope to the schematic, connect the inputs with a circuit node, circuit component or output from a block and size the border of the blocks SCOPE with the resize grip.
  4. The schematic of the model is ready and the simulation can be started using the menu item Simulation/Start. The simulation results are drawn immediately during the simulation, in the blocks Scope. Right-clicking the block Scope gives a window where the simulation results are displayed together with axis and scale values. The scaling is performed automatically.
Result: From schematics to viewing simulation results
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