Inputs(4) LabelX LabelY xy1 xy2
Parameters(1) Function
Default Function=1,
Select from Components/Blocks/Machines
Function Space Vector OPeration, the parameter Function specifies: 1=ADD, 2=Sub, 3=Mul(complex), 4=Div(complex), 5=Gain(K=i4), 6=GainXY(k12=xy2), 7=Div(K=i4), 8=DivXY(k12=xy2), 9=abdq(theta=i4), 10=dqab(theta=i4), 11=PI2AI, 12=AI2PI, 13=abrst, 14=abrstPI, 15=dqrst, 16=dqrstPI, 17=Inproduct i1*i2, 18=polar-rst, 19=Power P Q output=S LabelX and LabelY are used only for c-export
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