Numeric evaluation


Numeric evaluation of the simulation results.

What to do: Press one of the arrow keys or click on the simulation results with the right mouse button.
HomeMove to the beginning of the simulation results
PgUpMove 100 positions to the left.
Arrow UpMove 10 positions to the left.
Arrow LeftMove 1 position to the left.
Arrow RightMove 1 position to the right.
Arrow DownMove 10 positions to the right.
PgDnMove 100 positions to the right.
EndMove to the end of the simulation results.
Result: The numerical values of the simulation results are displayed in a list box. A cross indicates the position on the waveforms.


If the scope window is too small to display all numerical results in the list box, the window flashes each step. Enlarge the window.
If two waveforms have equal points, the cross is not displayed.
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