Fill in the Registration form for getting the license*

What to do: Follow the steps below for getting a license for Caspoc and/or one of its tools:*
  1. Fill all the fields.
  2. Click the Email Registration button for generating the registration file Registration.xml.
  3. If an internet connection is available, your Send Email program will pop up.
  4. If no internet connection is available or your Send Email program is not appearing, you can send the registration file Registration.xml from another location or at another time.
  5. Attach the file Registration.xml, which you can find in the same directory where Caspoc2003.exe is stored.
  6. Send the email and wait for the license file License.xml that will be send to you by email*.
  7. Copy the license file License.xml to the same directory where Caspoc is installed and the Registration file Registration.xml resides.
  8. Restart Caspoc and if you have a valid license, Caspoc and the requested tools will be accessible.
Registration of a single user license is only possible on a workstation with a fixed drive.
Result: Apply for a license for Caspoc and/or one of its tools.


*Registration is only required when applying for a license to the program.
The registration file Registration.xml has to be generated on the workstation where Caspoc and/or one of its tools will be used. (Applies only to the single user version!)
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