Inputs(15) S Vp Vs Vt f 3 LmPU RmPU Ls1PU Rs1PU Ls2PU Rs2PU Ls3PU Rs3PU uk
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Function Transformer parameters are calculated from S(KVA) Line-Line(RMS) voltages, frequency(50/60Hz) and 3(1-single phase, 3-three-phase). Leave (LmPU RmPU Ls1PU Rs1PU Ls2PU Rs2PU Ls3PU Rs3PU)=0 and (uk=0) to keep the automatic calculated values. Set uk to short circuit voltage in PU (for example 0.05) to specify the short circuit reactance. Exports:LpLsLt KpsKptKst RpRsRtRm
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