Options / Animation / Help / Font / Language


  • Select the Options dialog box.
  • Select the Animation dialog box.
  • Help text displayed per component.
  • Change the font.
  • Set the language of the user interface.

What to do:
  • Select Options/Options to select the Options dialog box.
  • Select Options/Animation to select the Animation dialog box.
  • Select Options/Selection with Help to display brief explanations of the components in the list box.
  • Select Options/Font to select a font for the schematic. It is recommended that you select a True-Type font.
  • Select Options/Language to select the language of the menu interface.
Result: Select the Options/Animation dialog box, move the components list box, change the font in the schematic or change the language.


If the characters on the screen look all right, but are to big or to small on a print or exported graphics file, change the font size and use a True-Type font.
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