Spice 2G6 Compatible Netlist
Function Netlist to include circuit components, in Spice 2G6 format
Format A Spice 2G6 compatibe netlist can be inserted using this netlist component. The netlist is defined at text1.
The components are connected to the nodes defined in the netlist and to the circuit nodes in the schematic were a label is defined.
Only the circuit components supported by Caspoc are allowed in the Netlist component.
Special Circuit components defined by a library block have to inserted in the schematic and connect by their nodes/labels.
Example R1 node1 node2 2
Cx node2 node3 3uF
Lx node2 node3 3mH
This resonant circuit is connected to the labels node1 and node3 in the schematic. The labels node1 and node3 have to exist in the schematic!
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