Model parameter
Inputs(1) M
Parameters(1) Default
Default Default=0,
Text1 Name of the parameter
Text2 Name of the model (optional)
Select from Components/Blocks/All
Function Model parameter as defined in the .Model library
Special The name specified at Text1 corresponds to the parameter defined in a .Model. For example, specify Tau at Text1 if you want to get acces to the value of Tau from the model MyModel, as shown below

.Model MyModel User K=7.123 Tau=0.5

The model MyModel can optional be defined at Text2. If it is omitted, but a modelname block MNAME is connected to the input of the block MPAR, the model specified in MNAME is used as modelname.
If the parameter does not exist, or the model can not be found, the default value is used.
Use the type User for user specific models.
The modelname can also be specified by using the block MNAME, which has to be connected to the input of the block MPAR.
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