Loss prediction for a linear semiconductor model
Inputs(2) Ton Toff
History block YES
Text1 Name of the semiconductor.
Select from Components/Blocks/Semiconductor
Function Specify the name of the semiconductor for which the conduction and switching losses have to be calculated at Text1.
Define at the inputs the turn-on and turn-off times of the device.
The defined turn-on and turn-off times can be much smaller then the simulation step-size. Therefore the losses can be predicted independent from a small step-size.
Special Example:Suppose that the turn-on time equals 520ns, while the turn-off time equals 485ns. Using a conventional semiconductor model, a step-size of maximum about 50-100ns has to used during the on and off transitions requiring a lot of simulation time and producing a lot of data.
Using the LOSSES block you are able to predict the losses but using a much higher step-size, for example 10us for a simulation of a switching converter with a 10kHz switching frequency.
The simulation will run a 100 times faster compared to the 100ns step-size for a convention simulation model.
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