Export a library block


Export the selection in the schematic to one single library block.

What to do:
  1. Select the components that have to be exported.
  2. Select Edit/Export Library.
  3. Define on which side of the library block, the exported label should appear. Only the assigned labels can be used for connecting the library block. (Double click on the label to assign it.)
  4. Select [Export] to export the library block. The Save As dialog box appears, where you have to define the name of the block (*.lib).
Result: The selected schematic is exported in one library (*.lib) file.


Wires should connect all equal labels in the library block. Nodes, which have an equal label but are not connected by a wire, are not connected.Do not save the library block with the (*.csi) extension, because you will loose the information on the exported labels!
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