Editing a library block


Edit an existing library block.

What to do: There are two ways how to edit a library block:
  • By opening the library block at file/open
  • By selecting the button [Edit]in the components properties dialog box
    Select File/Open and change Files of Type into (*.lib).
    Select the library block (*lib) and select [Open].
    orDouble click or right click the library block in the schematic
    Selecting the button [Edit] opens the contents of the library file in the schematic editor.
  1. Make changes to the library block model.
  2. Export the library block as described in the previous paragraph.
  3. Import the library block again as described in the previous paragraph.
Result: The library block is edited.


Changes are only effective after re-importing the library block in the schematic.
If the library block is edited by selecting the [Edit button], only that library block is re-imported. Always import the library block again, otherwise the changes made in the library block will have no effect.
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