Transformer - Single Phase Transformer


Connection Diagram:

P1 S1

S2 Right Secundairy terminal
S1 Right Secundairy terminal
P2 Left Primairy terminal
P1 Left Primairy terminal
M Bottom Connect to MName Block for data from a .Model database

RM 400k Magnetizing resistance for modeling core loss
LM 530 magnetizing inductance
LF1 85m Primairy leakage inductance
R1 58 Primairy winding resistance
LF2 3m Secundairy leakage inductance
R2 1.9 Secundairy winding resistance
n 0.19166 Transformation Ratio

Function Single phase transformer where the winding leakage inductance, winding resistance and magnetizing inductance and core loss are modelled. The transformation ratio is set using the parameter n

Status Standard

Select from Components\Library\Transformers\SinglePhase

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