PiezoTransfomer - Piezo Transformer


Connection Diagram:


S2 Bottom
S1 Top
P2 Bottom
P1 Top

InputCapacitance[F] 140nF Input capacitance of the transformer
OutputCapacitance[F] 25pF Output capacitance of the transformer
SeriesCapacitance[F] 10nF Series Leakage Capacitance
SeriesLeakageInductance[H] 1mH Series leakage inducatnce due to wiring
TransformerRatio[1:N] 60 Transformer Ratio. The output equals N times the input voltage
SeriesResistance[Ohm] 1 Series wire resistance

Function Used for CCFL and EEFL lamps
Special The series leakage components are modeled on the secundairy side of the transformer

Status Standard

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