SixPackFoster4 - IGBT Module Foster 4 time constants thermal model


Connection Diagram:


M Left Database .Model connection
JC Bottom
JB Bottom
JA Bottom
J9 Bottom
J8 Bottom
J7 Bottom
J6 Bottom
J5 Bottom
J4 Bottom
J3 Bottom
J2 Bottom
J1 Bottom

td4 100m Time constant Diode 4
Rd4 0.026 Thermal resistance Diode 4
Rd2 0.03 Thermal resistance Diode 2
td2 20m Time constant Diode 2
td3 50m Time constant Diode 3
td1 10m Time constant Diode 1
Rd1 0.005 Thermal resistance Diode 1
Rd3 0.028 Thermal resistance Diode 3
ti4 100m Time constant IGBT 4
Ri4 0.026 Thermal resistance IGBT 4
Ri2 0.03 Thermal resistance IGBT 2
ti2 20m Time constant IGBT 2
ti3 50m Time constant IGBT 3
ti1 10m Time constant IGBT 1
Ri1 0.005 Thermal resistance IGBT 1
Ri3 0.028 Thermal resistance IGBT 3
Tbaseplate 25 Baseplate temperature [Celsius]

Function One-dimensional heat sink. The parameters thermal for the IGBT are ri* and ti* from the datasheet. The parameters for the thermal model of the diode are rd* and td*

Status Standard

Select from Components\Library\Thermal\Heatsink

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