OA - General Opamp


Connection Diagram:


VO Right Output from the Opamp
P Left Positive input
M Left Negative input

Vccmin -15 Vcc minimum voltage in volt
Vccmax 15 Vcc maximum voltage in volt
UnityBandWidth 1MEG Band-Width of theOpAmp in [Hz]
Ro 75 Output impedance
Rin 2meg Input impedance
DCGain 100k Open Loop Gain of the OpAmp
MaxSourceCurrent[A] 100mA Maximum current the OpAmp can source

Function Slew Rate and Unity BandthWith parameters are included. Specify the Unity Band Width in Hertz where the gain equals 1. The slew rate is give in volts per seconds.

Status Standard

Select from Components\Library\Semiconductor\OpAmp

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