pMosfetLevel0 - Level 0 Mosfet


Connection Diagram:


S Top
G Left
D Bottom

VTO -3 Threshold voltage of the gate VGS_Threshold [volt] For p-type mosfets, enter a negative value
Cgs 1nF Mosfet Gate Source capacitance [F]
Rg 10 Mosfet internal gate resistance [ohm]
Rd 10m On state diode resistance [ohm]
Vd 0.6 On state diode voltage [volt]
Rds 100m On state mosfet RDS resistance [ohm]

Function Ideal Mosfet model with inverse diode and gate delay
Special The Gate is a circuit node. The delay time due to charging CGS is modeled,

Status Standard

Select from Components\Library\Semiconductor\Mosfet

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