MosfetModule - MOSFET Module


Connection Diagram:


M Left
JUNCTION Right Thermal Junction Node
GL Left Lower MOSFET gate
GH Left Upper MOSFET gate
EC Right Output
E Bottom
C Top Collector

Ton 1100n
Toff 1100n
MOSFET_Rd_25Degr. 4m
MOSFET_Rd_125Degr. 6.3m
Diode_Ron_125Degr. 6.5m
Diode_Ron_25Degr. 4.5m
MOSFET_Vd_125Degr. 0.9
MOSFET_Vd_25Degr. 1
Diode_Vto_25Degr. 2
Diode_Vto_125Degr. 1.8

Function MOSFET module with two MOSFETs wiith Diodes. The losses calculated in the MOSFET during turn on, turn off and the losses in the diodes during reverse recovery are calculated. The power loss is available on the thermal node TJ(T-Junction).
Special The losses are estimete based on the turn-on time ton and turn-off time toff. To use the parameters Eon/Eoff instead, calculate ton from Eon and toff from Eoff. Eon and Eoff are specified for Vmax and Imax. ton=6*Eon/(Vmax*Imax) toff=6*Eoff/(Vmax*Imax) Junction is the thermal node where to connect the thermal model of the case and heatsink

Status Standard

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