MosfetLevel0 - Level 0 Mosfet


Connection Diagram:


S Bottom
M Left Connect to a .Model database
G Left
D Top

CGS 1nF Mosfet Gate Source capacitance
RG 10 Mosfet internal gate resistance
RoffDiode 1e9 Off state diode resistance
RonDiode 10m On state diode resistance
VonDiode 0.6 On state diode voltage
BV 1e6 BreakDown voltage of hte mosfet and the diode
RoffMosfet 1e9 Off state Mosfet resistance
RonMosfet 100m On state mosfet RDS
VTO[V] 3 Threshold voltage of the gate VGS_Threshold

Function Ideal Mosfet model with inverse diode and gate delay
Special The Gate is a circuit node. The delay time due to charging CGS is modeled,

Status Standard

Select from Components\Library\Semiconductor\Mosfet

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