DCGRIDTHREEPHASEHarmonics - DC to Grid Three Phase with Harmonics


Connection Diagram:


P Bottom
L3 Right
L2 Right
L1 Right
GND Left
DC Left

Efficiency[%] 95 Efficiency in percent[%]
H11[%] 0 Harmonic nr 11 in percent
H13[%] 0 Harmonic nr 13 in percent
H15[%] 0 Harmonic nr 15 in percent
H17[%] 0 Harmonic nr 17 in percent
H19[%] 0 Harmonic nr 19 in percent
H02[%] 0 Harmonic nr 2 in percent
H21[%] 0 Harmonic nr 21 in percent
H23[%] 0 Harmonic nr 23 in percent
H25[%] 0 Harmonic nr 25 in percent
H27[%] 0 Harmonic nr 27 in percent
H29[%] 0 Harmonic nr 29 in percent
H03[%] 0 Harmonic nr 3 in percent
H31[%] 0 Harmonic nr 31 in percent
H33[%] 0 Harmonic nr 33 in percent
H05[%] 0 Harmonic nr 5 in percent
H07[%] 0 Harmonic nr 7 in percent
H09[%] 0 Harmonic nr 9 in percent
Vrms 230 Voltage of the AC link in [rms]

Function Ideal 3 phase Grid connection with aditional current harmonics
Special Specify the RMS value of the AC voltage in this block for a correct power flow calculation.

Status Standard

Select from Components\Library\PowerConverters\System

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