VSI_PWM - Inverter 3-phase with build in PWM


Connection Diagram:


L3 Right
L2 Right
L1 Right
GND Left
G6 Bottom
G5 Bottom
G4 Bottom
G3 Bottom
G2 Bottom
G1 Bottom
DC Left

OutputFrequency[Hz] 50 Frequency
ModulationIndex[0..1] 1 Modulation Index
n[Fs/Foutput] 10 Multiple of the basic frequency
VdiodeOn 0.6 Diode on-state conduction voltage
VceOn[V] 0 Conduction on state voltage IGBT
DrainSourceBreakDown[V] 100k Break Down voltage per mosfet/IGBT
BreakDownVoltageDiode[V] 100k Break Down voltage per diode
RdiodeOn[Ohm] 1m On resistance of the diodes
RdiodeOff[Ohm] 1e6 Blocking resistance of the diode
RdsOff[Ohm] 1e6 Blocking resistance of the mosfet/IGBT
RdsOn[Ohm] 1m On resistance of the Mosfet/IGBT

Function Specify the switching frequency as N times the basic frequency.

Status Standard

Select from Components\Library\PowerConverters\Inverters3phase

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