SixStep - Gate Control BLDCM


Connection Diagram:


RB Right Controller vector position b
RA Right Controller vector position a
G3L Top
G3H Top
G2L Top
G2H Top
G1L Top
G1H Top
ANGLE Left Connect the measured rotor position here


Function Gate control for the BLDCM + inverter
Special Feed the rotor position to input Angle. The outputs Ra and Rb can be connected to a scope to see the rotor position controller output as a vector. Connect the outputs G1H, G2 H and G3H to the high side Mosfets/IBGTs in the inverter. Connect the outputs G1L, G2 L and G3L to the low side Mosfets/IBGTs in the inverter.

Status Standard

Select from Components\Library\PowerConverters\Inverters3phase

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