PWM_symmetrical - PWM_Symmetrical


Connection Diagram:


G3L Top Gate signal for Switch 3 Low side
G3H Top Gate signal for Switch 3 High side
G2L Top Gate signal for Switch 2 Low side
G2H Top Gate signal for Switch 2 High side
G1L Top Gate signal for Switch 1 Low side
G1H Top Gate signal for Switch 1 High side
F Left Modulation frequency

Fs 10kHz Switching Frequency
ModulationIndex 1 Modulation index for the PWM

Function Symmetrical PWM with natuaral sampling. The input on the left side is the modulation frequency
Special The modulation index is specified between 0 .. 1
The switching frequency is in Hz

Status Standard

Select from Components\Library\PowerConverters\Inverters3phase

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