LoadConveyor - ConveyerAnimation


Connection Diagram:


TAS Right
SHAFT Left Shaft connection
AV Right Belt speed [m/s]

InertiaRoller[Kgm2] 1 Total Inertia of the Pulleys (rollers) that transport the belt. Enter the total inertia in [Kg*m*m]
Angle[rad] 0 Inlcination angle [Radians] for the belt, set to 0 if horizontal
RadiusRoller[m] 1 Radius of the motor-side pulley in [meter]
MassLoad[kg] 50 Mass of the load on the conveyor
MassBelt[kg] 5 Mass of the conveyor belt
Length[m] 20 Length of the belt [m] for animation purpose only!
FrictionCoefficient[.] 0.02 Coefficient for determining the total frcition of all rollers and bearings [no dimension]. Set to 0.02 as a default value


Status Standard

Select from Components\Library\Mechanic\Rotational

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