AirgapChanging - Changing airgap with translational movement


Connection Diagram:


V Right
M2 Bottom
M1 Top

Mass[Kg] 50m Mass of the plunger moving the airgap in [Kilogram]
Minimum_Airgap[m] 1mm Minimum airgap in [m]
Maximum_Airgap[m] 10m Maximum airgap in [m]
Area[m2] 0.001 Area where the flux concentrates [m2]

Function The force in the airgap in a magnetic circuit is depending on the airgap lenght. Use this magnetic component to model the airgap in a moving magnetic device like a plunger.
Special Include at least one saturating magnetic component in your magnetic circuit, to limit the flux to realistic values.
Note The mass of the plunger is also included in this model and is directly added to the mass of the plunger connected to this model. The limited movement is included in this model too, as being a relative movement. The connected translational shaft will move relatively between the maximum and minimum airgap from 0 to Max-Min.

Status Standard

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