EEFL - External Electrode Fluorescent Lamp


Connection Diagram:


P Top
N Bottom

Capacitance 225pF Electrode capacitance[F] The capacitance is devided amongh the two electrodes
NegativeResistance[Ohm] -10 Negative voltage current Gas discharge relation
Vignition 1500
Vburn 1000

Function The lamp ignites when the voltage accros the lamp is larger than Vignition. The lamp burns with an arc voltage equal to Vburn and a negative voltage current slope defiend by NegativeResistance
Special Be carefull with specifying Negative Resistance. Start with 1, run a simulatio and check the current and voltage waveforms. The Negative Resitance is limited to -Vburn/Iburn After checking the waveforms you can me Negative resistance gradually negative, to meet the HCFL specifications.

Status Standard

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