BandStop - Band Stop Filter


Connection Diagram:


Y Right
I Left

BandFrequency 20 Bandwidth of the Band-Pass Filet in (Hz)
CenterFrequency 50 Center Frequency of the Band Pass Filter in (Hz)
Gain 1 Gain of the Band Pass Filter

Function Second order Band-Stop Filter
Special Only frequency centered around (CenterFrequency) within the bandwidth (BandFrequency) are stopped
Note Use this block in the block diagram only, for electric circuit filters, see the section Filters/Circuit

Status Standard
Export of Embedded C Code YES

Select from Components\Library\Filters\Continuous

See also
BandPass, FifthOrder, FirstOrder, FourthOrder, HighPass, LowPass, SecondOrder, SixthOrder, ThirdOrder, Type2,
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