InductionMachineNamePlateParameters - Induction Machine Name Plate Parameters


Connection Diagram:


TE Top
S Top
L3 Left
L2 Left
L1 Left

Ratio_InoLoad_Inominal[.] 0.3 Ratio betweeen the no load current and nominal current
Ratio_Istart_Inominal[.] 6 Ratio between starting current and nominal current
Fgrid[Hz] 50 Supply grid frequency, 50Hz, 60Hz, 400Hz, etc
CosPhi[0.7..0.98] 0.85 Cos Phi , being the phase delay between the input voltage and current
Nnom[rpm] 1440 Nominal speed in Rotatings per minute
Inom[A] 3.79 Nominal Current
Vnom[V] 400 Nominal voltage
Pnominal[Watt] 2kW Nominal output power from the machine

Function The parameters are equal to the name plate parameters. Only the Nominal Power has to be specified, all other values are calculated automatically. By leaving all values except the Nominal Power equal to zero, gives you standard motor parameters
Special Only Pnom has to be specified, all other parameters are calculated by Caspoc, if you give them a zero value

Status Standard

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