K_Tau - Torque and rotor time constant


Connection Diagram:


TAU Top Rotor time constant, connect to the block IDIQWslip
K Top Torque constant, connect to the block IDIQWslip

R2 1 Rotor Resistance
p 1 Pole Pares
L2 1m Rotor inductance
Lm 20m Main inductance

Function Calculates the torque constant and rotor time constant used ina Field Oriented Control for the IM.
Note Connect these outputs to the block IdIqWslip

Status Standard
Export of Embedded C Code YES

Select from Components\Library\Control\FieldOrientedControl

See also
CurrentControl, DirectVectorControl, DirectVectorControlParameters, HystereseCurrentControl, HystereseCurrentControlSinglePhase, IdIqWslip, PMSMRotorFluxObserver, PWM_CONVERTER, PWM_CONVERTER_Fs_A, VCO, w2a, w2a_AdvanceAngle,
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