HystereseCurrentControlSinglePhase - Single Phase Hysteresis Current Controller


Connection Diagram:


ISOLL1 Left Reference Current L1
IIST1 Right Measured Current L1
G1L Top Gate Low Switch Leg 1
G1H Top Gate High Switch Leg 1

Fs 10kHz Switching Frequency
HysteresisBand 100m Hysteresis Band in Ampere. If Iin-Iref>HysteresisBand the output becomes positive at the first clock signal

Function This controller compares the reference currents with the measured currents.
If ( Reference Current - Measured Current > HysteresisBand) the output is high. The gate signals are synchronized to the switching frequency.

Status Standard
Export of Embedded C Code YES

Select from Components\Library\Control\FieldOrientedControl

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