HystereseCurrentControl - Three Phase Hysteresis Current Controller


Connection Diagram:


ISOLL3 Left Reference Current L3
ISOLL2 Left Reference Current L2
ISOLL1 Left Reference Current L1
IIST3 Right Measured Current L3
IIST2 Right Measured Current L2
IIST1 Right Measured Current L1
G3L Top Gate Low Switch Leg 3
G3H Top Gate High Switch Leg 3
G2L Top Gate Low Switch Leg 2
G2H Top Gate High Switch Leg 2
G1L Top Gate Low Switch Leg 1
G1H Top Gate High Switch Leg 1

HysteresisBand 100m Hysteresis Band in Ampere. If Iin-Iref>HysteresisBand the output becomes positive at the first clock signal
Fs 10kHz Switching Frequency

Function This controller compares the reference currents with the measured currents.
If ( Reference Current - Measured Current > HysteresisBand) the output is high. The gate signals are synchronized to the switching frequency.

Status Standard
Export of Embedded C Code YES

Select from Components\Library\Control\FieldOrientedControl

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