Reference - Programmable Source


Connection Diagram:


Y Right

Tperiod[s] 250m Repetitive pulse width[s], the pulse repeats itself after Tperiod seconds
FirstOrderTimeDelay[s] 2m First order filter time delay
Ton[s] 10m Time delay until turn-on
Yon 6
Treversal[s] 175m Time delay until reversal
Yoff -3 Output value between Treversal and Toff
Toff[s] 250m Turn off time delay

Function The output can be programmed for a postive positive step followwed by a negative step. There is no interpolation between the points, since this block is dedicated to control simple drivecycles.

Status Standard

Select from Components\Library\AdvancedElectricalDrives\Source\Scalar

See also
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