ConstantAngularElectricalSpeed - Constant Angular Electrical Speed


Connection Diagram:


ANGULARELECTRICALSPEED Right Constant Angular Electrical Speed [Rad/s]

ElectricalSpeed[Hz](outputin[Rad/s]) 50 Electrical Speed in [Hz]

Function Constant value modeling a constant angular Electrical Speed The parameter is multiplied with 2*pi for the conversion from [Hz] to [Rad/s]

Status Standard
Export of Embedded C Code YES

Select from Components\Library\AdvancedElectricalDrives\Source\Scalar

See also
Carrier, CarrierMod, Constant, ConstantAngularShaftSpeed, Down, FallingEdge, Pi, Reference, RisingEdge, sin, SquareWave, Step, Up, UpDown, V_F_Control,
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