Function a. Linear Inductor.
b. Voltage source with series inductance and series resistance and nonlinear inductance
Format Name:
Lxxxxxxx Name of the element, including the first character a maximum of 8 characters is allowed.
a. Value of the inductor in Henry.
b. Value <R=r> <B=output> <L=output>

Value Inductance in Henry (Numerical value!).
R Series resistance of the inductor (Numerical value!).
B Series voltage of the inductor defined by the output from a block in the block-diagram.
L Non-linear inductance placed in series with the inductor. Defined at Value, by the output from a block in the block-diagram. The total inductance is defined as the sum of Value and the value of the output from the block defined at L=output.

Initial Condition:
Initial current of the inductor.
Special The value of the inductor must be greater than zero.
Example Name: Lfilter
Value: 2mhenry

Name: Lsnub
Value: 12u R=0.1 B=Vr L=Lnonl

Name: l2
Value: 2.7e-9 L=Lsat
Initial Condition: 2mA
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