Model parameters in include files.


Store model parameters in .Model lines in include files.

What to do: Any models previously defined in the Commands editor can be stored in seperate include files with the extension (*.mod). Store these files in the directory PathCaspoc\Include, where PathCaspoc is the directory where Caspoc is installed.
You have acces to the parameters in the include (*.mod) files using the blocks MName and MPar in the block diagram.
Example: Below the contents of a simple (*.mod) file for a switched reluctance machine are displayed:

.model srm68_1 user br=0.436 bs=0.349 jr=0
+ lmax=110m lmin=10m nr=6 ns=8 r=50

.model srm68_2 user br=0.436 bs=0.349
+ jr=0 lmax=210m lmin=10m nr=6 ns=8 r=20

Result: Use include (*.mod) files for storing model parameters.


Use a + for starting on a new line.
See the blocks Mname and Mpar for information on how to use the model parameters in the block diagram.
Use the extension (*.mod) for the include files.
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