High-Efficiency Variable Speed Drives

Optimizing the efficiency in variable speed drives can offer some impressive energy savings: the energy saving potential can go up to 10% for high efficiency motors, 30% by using frequency converters and an astonishing 60% by optimizing the entire drive train, according to the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association, ZVEI (Source: Energiesparen mit elektrischen Antrieben, ZVEI Broschre, April 2006).

By usingFEM , the losses in high efficiency motors (like induction machines and permanent magnet synchronous machines) can be minimized. CASPOC imports the model including the information on the efficiency of the motor. The program simulates the efficiency of the entire variable speed drive depending on various operation conditions.

CASPOC allows the simulation of the entire drive train including the inverter, control and mechanical load, so efficiency and controllability can be optimized. For various load conditions, losses in the power electronics and the electrical machine can now be minimized, so your products comply with the new international efficiency classes IE2 and IE3.

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Variable speed drive with interior permanent magnet synchronous machine and field oriented control. The temperature on the winding is simulated during start up of the drive.

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